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do you want real hair dying advice because I can help you with that

yes yes yes please

Okay I commented but here i can say more. Do you have any past hair dying or bleaching experiences to gauge how tough your hair is? Some people’s hair starts getting a little brittle after two 20 volume bleaches, or one 40 volume, but for the most part you should be fine to start.

Start with a 20 volume bleach and leave it on for like 30 minutes. Your hair will probably come out all orangey. You can bleach again in a few days and it will probably be light enough for a bold purple. For the purple I’d use Special FX, Raw, or Manic Panic. SFX is going to last a little longer probably. I like to add some red into mine just a teeny bit because I usually have colors floating around my bathroom and it helps it fade to a warmer color rather than blue based.

OH and as far as your hair getting nasty or breaking, starting light on the bleach is just a precaution. I have stretched my hair to the edges of life. I’ve got naturally very dark brown and I’ve gotten it to platinum silver with bleach and toner.

oooooooh thank youuuu~ ♥

i haven’t the foggiest idea how tough it is as far as bleaching, but i have dyed it a deep red several times in my life and it never got nasty feeling. granted, that was just box color and no bleach involved, heh.

i will definitely try this!! I am going to have to get a friend to take me up to Sally’s at some point and have a Dyeing Party or something oh man 

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do you want real hair dying advice because I can help you with that

yes yes yes please

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DID I DO THAT???????????????????????????????????????????????

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eh personally I’m of the opinion that Sometimes You Just Ship Things and don’t judge people for predominantly shipping any kind of pairing. and those two are just so cute that I don’t think anyone could help it.

me too usually but idk i made some weird promise to myself out of fucking nowhere like a sort of Queershipping Guilt

but i’m glad i broke that promise tbh it was getting too difficult

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i have yet to experience any impostors or phantoms

that is good that there are no impostors but

we need to work on that phantom thing we need more spookyblogging

would i look good with an undercut?

also how do i dye my hair purple?

an interesting blend of purples, even?

without bleaching it so bad my hair falls out?

these are the questions that highlight my life at the moment

and how about that latest episode [waggles eyebrows]

I REALLY LIKED IT!!! I really liked it a great GREAT deal wow wo w wowwoow wow

i went into WtNV going, “no Erin, no no, you are Not Allowed to ship Cecil and Carlos because of Reasons*”

but then


so I’m totally allowed, you see

also friends please let me know if any ~weird~ activity happened regarding this blog


there don’t seem to be any new messages or blog posts, but

i want to make sure nobody was fucking with any of you while pretending to be me

unlikely, to be sure

but still

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